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For her latest recording, Sarah Carroll has teamed up with guitarist and producer Leigh Ivin, son George Wilson and drummer Ronny Rindo under the moniker The Left Wing. Along with regular collaborators like Jackie Marshall, Gleny Rae and harmonica master Chris Wilson, Carroll applies her inimitable wit and vocal prowess to no less than 14 new compositions that range from the poignant to the droll. Carroll has a way of combining them both, like on 'Lived Your Life Twice', where she passes on parental wisdom, and 'Wives Know', in which she expounds the powers of feminine intuition, both with a twinkle in her eye. And then songs like 'St Kilda Skyline' and 'Blue Eyes Cause Me Pain' are beautiful, candid and affecting.”

Martin Jones

Sarah Carroll is a world-class musician and a songwriter to the highest of standards.”

Aine Tyrrell

Sarah Carroll’s a jewel. She’s always welcome in my little piece of Tennessee. Sincerely, Tommy ”

Tommy Womack

Sarah Carroll is not only a national treasure; she's a renewable resource!”

Gleny Rae